Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Edgewood, RI

oil on linen panel 11" x 14"

Last weekend, we were doing some photography at a finished residence. When I turned around and looked at the water, I was caught by the clouds, the back lit yacht club building, and the compelling sheen on the water. I have tried to capture this in the studio, and I think that the painting catches the light even better than it appears on the photo above. I tried to capture the moodiness and the silver quality of the light, with the dark flatness of the building contrasting with the extremely bright reflections of the water. I remember Stan's repetition of the adage that "value does all the work, and color gets all the credit". I should look that up, and find out who said it first.
Painting today at the Providence Art Club was as much fun as ever. Anthony talked again about finding one's passion about the painting you are doing, and enjoying the process of putting the paint on the canvas. This is such an energizing group of people.

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