Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rocks and Trees

Oil on panel 11" x 14"

We went for a walk around Ell Pond in western RI a few weeks ago, at the height of color in RI. This walk covers a terrain of large glacial rocks, interspersed trees, and lots of elegant landscape. I took the equivalent of a couple of rolls of film, because it kept reminding me of walking in an enlarged bonsai garden. I have been working on making the photos into landscapes, loving the forms of the rocks and the flickering sideways fall light.
This painting was worked over a few times, because there was a lot going on in the photo, and it needed to be simplified to make any sense. Everyone would interpret it differently, but this one is mine.
Hope that anyone reading had a good Thanksgiving, luxuriating in the people in our lives. I am hoping to have a posted comment in this blog, so please feel free to leave one!

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