Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Summer Shadows

Oil on linen panel 9" x 12"

This is a seascape from Little Compton RI. I loved the effect of the long shadows illuminating the land in stripes, and the house hiding from the wind in the evergreens. I have painted at this location often, but feel that this is one of the most successful images.
I am looking forward to painting more and posting more in the New Year. I have made strides forward this year in making my art more public. I did my first outdoor show in Malden Bridge NY this summer, and started this blog to document what I have been up to. My next effort will be to make a card for myself as an artist, and to add more drawing to my daily routine. Finally, I will keep hoping that someone will start commenting on the blog!
Focus on the positive things that we have around us: family, friends, and health! Keep enjoyment up front in the New Year. My best to you, Mary

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